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Werk 4 It, A Vibe...

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Shift your focus and pour into you. I'm such a critic when it comes to all things me. I want to be perfect in the eye of the beholder not realizing that that beholder is me. I don't have to be flawless but considering everything else; poised and polished I often wonder what maintaining that level of care is for me.

I've never had a routine for myself. I've always just ran with the punches... and when life hits me with blows left and right I'm stumbling trying to dodge them all. I have a strong desire to be more proactive especially in my thinking. This year has taken a different emotional toll unlike other years. I'm older and wiser yes but I'm still not satisfied with how I'm keeping things together. There are days I roll with the punches and can say I fought a good fight, because I was prepared spiritually, physically (rested & fed), and pretty much emotionally full to handle the unexpected battle. And then there are days were I'm drained and in no shape to lift a finger or word of inspiration to anyone not even myself.

Upon watching the final footage of my new video for my single "Werk 4 It" I notice something about myself.

I am resilient, strong, powerful, fierce, kind, gentle and graceful all at the same time. I can do anything that I put my mind to which is the thing. I have to put my mind to it. Whatever you #focus on is what you magnify. So the top of this week... this month... and for the rest of this year is about shifting my focus towards the right things. I have killer work ethic but when my focus is off, there goes whatever task that needs to come to pass. This year a bunch of wrenches have been thrown to take me off balance and even though I prevailed to the outsider... the insider in me knows how off track I've been this year and how much further I could've been.

"Werk 4 It" is not just a #vibe it's a way of life.

The chorus/hook reads "Tell me what you want make you #werk4it"... profess what you want in life and go after it full force whatever it is.

This song was written as an ode to myself in how I would tackle my career... my personal life and everything in between.

"I've got a whole lot to offer, you've got a whole lot to see... take what I give like an offering with benefits you won't believe"...

These lyrics from my second verse come to life when I pour into myself. Anyone who comes across my path will then see and notice there's a lot riding with this one. On this fine sunday... the first full start of the week in August 2019 I'm making this promise to myself to truly pour into me. Werk 4 It for ME!!! Focus on ME!

Video is coming out soon... stay tuned!!!


Tiffany Jaye

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