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Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent. They build bridges to nowhere and tunnels to nothingness... Those who excel in them seldom do in anything else, therefore, there are no excuses.

~ Vernon Brundage Jr


I'm tired of making excuses. They have served me but are no longer needed. Some are valid, but they do not fulfill the void within.  When you make excuses I feel that you're feeding a monster. And the appetite continues to grow depending on how delusional you allow yourself to be. Your excuses can take over your entire life. They can overwhelm you. Your excuses are only real to you. Everyone else doesn't have a clue. Everyone else is just looking from the outside in. We all walk different paths and even though we put our pants on the same way we all wear different shoes. My excuse makes sense and so does yours. But at the end of the day what are we going to do about it.?

Keeping in step with things that make me happy. 🌸😌

So my birthday recently passed last month February thirteenth and I turned thirty eight years old. Upon first glance no I do not look like I'm almost forty but in two more years I will be and I will officially be into middle adulthood. I was so thrilled at church when they were calling all young adults and they said the age group was from eighteen to thirty nine and I shouted to myself, “Yes!! I'm still a young adult”. On the brink of this new season of my life, I take time to reflect. I'm seeing it now at my job where younger people are coming in, a stage where I once was years ago and sometimes I can see myself in some people. It's mind boggling how people call you, Ms Tiffany or Ma'am.

Again on my birthday, there was a shift and I said to myself I am tired of making excuses. I have to grow up. Accepting the responsibility of time management was a major one in my book. For the longest I could not grasp the concept that people drove an hour to work. The commute was beyond me but that was still not a valid excuse to be late to work. Even having a newborn plus an hour commute was not a valid excuse to be late to work. Because then the question comes when she is of school age are we still going to be late to school? 

I had to reassess my processes and my routine.

How can I be an example if I too am not falling in line with the guidelines that I set for myself. 


Moving on

When I hear the phrase moving on I typically think about moving on from a break up. Then when we had death in the family (2022, 2024)… I asked myself how can I move on from this. This isn't the same as a breakup.

So I switched my verbiage from moving on in all aspects to moving forward.

Yes I can move forward in life accepting what has happened to me.

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