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When people experience trauma for so long it becomes the norm. After you remove yourself from the traumatic situation to experience something new it becomes refreshing however you must still change the thought patterns and wiring that has been set in place from the old. We all grew up with a native language and I don't mean whether it's English, Spanish or French. We grew up with a native language on how we speak to each other. The idiosyncratic ways of communication. They are different from person to person.

I went to therapy once and we pointed out all of the non normal ways of how I grew up. We talked about who, when, where, what and why?

From that I was able to distinguish what healthy or not.

I started seeking more healthy interactions.

I thrived in healthy environments.

But when I went back to “home” I was challenged with reverting back to my native language. My native way of thinking. This was an opportunity for me to make a difference.

The way we communicate shapes so much of our world individually and collectively. It can make or break a person, company or country.

Its effectiveness is what pierces the soul and causes a reaction sometimes positive, sometimes negative. The one who was initiating the communication holds half the responsibility of the outcome. It takes the secondary person, the one on the receiving end, to be able to understand what has been said, the context and how to properly respond to not cause any friction.

Some people use communication as a weapon to make a game or a personal benefit at any cost. Some people use communication as an aid to make genuine connections.

Whatever the case it be, we must not hold the mere fact that we are communicating each and every day lightly. The effectiveness regardless of the intent is all that matters and makes all the difference.

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