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Uterine Fibroids

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Wednesday (11.11.2020) at 7:15am I will be going through surgery to remove uterine fibroids. I have known about them for quite some time... beginning of this year but unaware of how big they've grown. I've made efforts to schedule this long awaited moment and this brings me close to the culmination of My Womanhood. With my mom by my side and to assist me through the 1st week I will say this process has made me stronger than ever. In the last 3 months of preparation my mental has taken a crash course in the areas of accountability, removal of procrastination and if communication were a class, well I went through the senior year level 500 of it lol.

To my close friends...

Thank you so much for your support. You tell me when I need to sit down. You encourage me when I feel doubtful and give me space knowing I crave the still moments by myself to recharge.

To my dance family...

Every moment we get together is euphoric. I relish in our soirées, practices, events and competitions. The dance is just as much therapy as seeing your faces knowing that I am not alone and there are people out there who love music and dance just as much as I do. To extend your hand outside the dance floor and be a support in my music journey and to help me during this time means more than you know.

To my Sorors...

We may be separated by distance at times but deep in my heart we are always together. Whether it's our challenges, getting together to celebrate new life, graduation, weddings or our Deltaversary, my Sorors everywhere thank you for your unconditional love, support and sisterhood.

To my CoWorkers...

Who have become great friends, from YMCA to Michaels 1000 times HEY and you are missed. Our relationship individual and collective has been the driving force to my development of the woman you see today. Many of you have moved beyond the workplace but our relationship has stayed strong and firm. You guys are like an extended family and mentors at large. You are all the coolest people on the planet I've encountered. We've had our fair share of outings, meetings, trips, lunch breaks and the usual 40hrs week haul. Thank you for taking time to pour into me! From those who are as far away as Australia, California, Tennessee, DC, Texas or right here in Charlotte you are loved, never forgotten and missed dearly.

To my Church Family...

You are the base and foundation from which my spirit is anchored. "To extend the love, the life, and Lordship of Jesus Christ to everyone, in every way, in every place, at every time we have the opportunity" THAT is what I take pride in each day. I know I have my own ministry that extends beyond the church walls on the the counters at work and pulsates in the rhythms of my music.

To my 646 Family...

We are growing, we are evolving and we are becoming the staple example of excellence and music business operations at its finest. To my music manager, my evolution is attributed to you. I want to thank you for your efforts, contribution, level of care and attention to detail. You and me against the world!

To my Immediate Family...

Thank you for being the rock that you've been.

Thank you for allowing me to be me 100%.

Thank you for growth, forgiveness, love, joy and the openness that allows for peace.

During this time I will lean on you more than ever and when I'm better I'll be superwoman again!


I'll be down for a good 6 weeks but never away. I'll still post and create, but more importantly I'm going to use this time to REST!

In my quiet times I've earnestly prayed for REST and God heard me. I take the evolution of the fibroids to be an eye opener that even though healthy there are things outside of my control. But I'm thankful God is using this recovery time as the perfect opportunity for me to just chill. I want to do a hard rest, upgrade and come back to you all better than ever!! :)

This year alone I've been opening up more and creating more content. I find joy in being able to express and get it out of my head. Where it lands... when it lands... I won't think too much about that. What's important is that is lands! All hearts and minds better be prepared!

- Tiffany Jaye

This afternoon, 3:30pm, stay tuned for my 6 Week Healing Journey: the healing process begins. In this series I have put together 42 days of daily affirmations to be of encouragement to myself and anyone else going through a similar process.

Available via IGTV and a new FB Series on my fan page.


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