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Troy (2004) Film Initial Thoughts

Just finished watching Troy for the 1st time ever (yes I'm way late to the game) but I love watching things now in this period of my life. I can take them in with much more maturity and see way more value in them not vs my former self.

So many things I wanna say about it.

Ok so briefly bc I can write and talk.

Ladies.... do you ever envision yourself as the main character. Like the Brad Pitt or the Russel Crowe? I see myself in the spirit they walk in but when I look in the mirror I'm like oh maybe I gotta play the princess or queen role.

Idk if this makes sense but I just love the action and the stories of these characters Achilles and Maximus in these films that portray men of honor.

Angelina in Laura Croft and Mr & Mrs. Smith for example has her just do. But it always has to be sexualized.

And then men in these films hide all forms of emotions when basically sometimes the whole movie be about their emotions let out through testosterone.

I'm just talking bc I have an appreciation for movies as such. I often what them over and over for a period as if to study to gain some inner acquired knowledge.

I never elaborated on Gladiator, Tron Legacy and Hunger Games being the same thing. I will.

Troy 2004 film. My vote 5 stars. Love the fight scenes. And Hector!!!!!!!!!!!! Knew what it was.

But I love the honor part.

Paris can kick rocks lol (I still love Orlando bloom) esp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sidenote... how do you say Caribbean when you say Pirates of Caribbean? Lolol

I don't say much but if you dont mind I'll share more when it comes to mind.

Good morning 🌄!


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