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The Mandalorian vs The Witcher

Spoiler Alert!!

Ok so I'm definitely a fan of both. I watched The Witcher when it first came out in December of 2019 and took me about two nights to watch everything.

I was hooked and who wouldn't be when Henry Cavill is the lead!

I've just started to watch The Mandalorian (I know I'm quite late) but just in time for the second season that will be airing this Friday on Netflix Oct 30th, 2020. So far I'm seeing similarities and if you pay attention I think you would too.

Both series are tales of and outcast type of figure who's kind is of an elite breed, a lone wolf living on the edge of society. Each episode is about a quest or mission they have to complete but ultimately in the end, their destinies are intertwined with the supernatural child being character. Geralt, The Witcher, even though at first tries to avoid his destiny winds up eventually giving in to it and meeting up with his child surprise in the last episode while The Mandalorian can't help but fall victim the mysertious baby Yoda and risk his alliance with the Guild.

No season would be complete if it didn't have:

- the love interest

- the betrayal aspect

- the we don't want your kind but can you help us this once with our problem and...

- the constant conflict of interest of being said Witcher or Mando in the first place

Our main characters were both brought in as children and raised with an unconventional upbringing that contributes to the hard shell not only in their armor but in their hearts.

Kind of reminds me of the opening (credit) lines in Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 film) where the narrator is saying at the end of the monologue "...who could ever learn to love a beast?"

I love these types of stories because they are written so well with the perfect blend of action and character development. Now The Witcher has a slower pace with each episode averaging about 40-50min long against The Mandalorian's 25-30 (once you take out the recaps) you can get through the latter quicker and stay a bit more engaged if you're an action based consumer. The Witcher however has so much content (hence the games) and we're just now unraveling the surface vs (I feel) The Mandalorian is being written as we go, since it's based on a universe that's already been created for us in our parents generation beginning in the late 70s.

What are some other similarities that pop up in both seasons?

How are you liking them thus far?

Are you looking forward to their future installments?

I think it's interesting how in The Witcher we are still finding out about Ciri and all of her powers. There's more exploration there. A newer kind of tale (if you haven't read the books and played the games). Whereas The Mandalorian is like a prelude, we're familiar with Yoda and who he's been to us all these years but who was he before we knew he was the all powerful wise Yoda?


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