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You Got This

Updated: Apr 21

I've been through...

F☆cking tons of heartbreak.

I've analyzed it.

I've said " what's wrong with me?"

I've looked in the mirror with myself stripped of makeup and without hair.

Why can't someone see the beauty in the woman it is that I am?

- Tina Turner

I watched the documentary on HBO Max and within 5 mins my spidy senses were already triggered. I had goosebumps and was just so enamored by what I was watching on the screen. Seeing "What's Love Got To Do With It" was just a small portion of her story where by that point in Tina's life she was done retelling the past. This movie allowed me to look into her soul as close as I could. The ability to be loyal to a point where you just don't care anymore because you want to keep your promise. You care so much about the other individual but don't even know why. Tina may not have wanted to tell her story over and over again but her opening up allow others to do the same. It shed a light on to domestic violence that had never been publicized before. She expressed in this doc that she wanted to bow out gracefully and basically live her life now, quietly, which I get. She set out to do everything she said she wanted to do and has earned it. We will forever love and adore you Tina Turner.

I hope and pray black people are truly able to heal and we can stop these generational curses we keep passing on. The opening quote of this post... came in the middle of the documentary. Where she's talking with Kurt about how she feels about herself.

Tina Turner

Why can't someone see the beauty in the woman it is that I am?

That struck a nerve. I'm sure all of us have had a thought like that at least one in our lifetime. Holding back tears we often just keep moving forward. Still blaming ourselves for the things that others have or have not done. The grudge for not being loved can leave you so deeply alone into an abyss that's almost impossible to get out of. To forgive is a choice. To let go allows freedom. As women we must seek to want more for ourselves by letting go of all the hurt and pain that the world has caused. Begin to breathe life anew as we are designed to do into our souls. Then into each other.

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