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A Few Revelations

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Explored that the Dollar Tree really has everything legit for $1. So for my miscellaneous household items, I'll be shopping there. Nothing beats Bath and Body Works scented candles but while on a budget I can manage with the Luminessence ones.

Toy Story 3 is the best out of the four. Dont get me wrong they're all amazing! The fact that they can still have an amazing storyline after each epic climax is just the mark of a great franchise. The character development, comedic reliefs and the emotional connection with a piece of nostalgia we can all walk away with makes this one of the best Disney films in my opinion.

I'm currently watching it now for the 3rd time in 24 hours lol.

Last night I watched Monster's University... and then Monster's Inc.

In all 3 films I cling to the messages they promote:

In Monster's University...

There's no one kind of monster that is the ultimate Scarer. Each one uses their unique abilities to get the best screams out of the children.

My take is you're the best you there is!!! Continue to dig deep and be the best you, you can be.

I love unique voices such as John Goodman and Billy Crystal.

In Monster's Inc....

We all have a desire to be loved no matter what we are.

Toy Story 3...

Find people in life that have your back no matter what. There are people in this world who will smile on your face all the while keeping to their own private agenda. Stay true to who and whose you are. Stay loyal and pure. For it always comes back full circle.

Pay it forward.

These last few days have been bliss. I've been able to rest from working 8 days in a row with a rigorous load.

In the last 3 months I've become more accountable of my actions. Less procrastination and more at ease when it comes to stress.

Happy to work and even more happy to rest. All in the circle of life.


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