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Tron: Legacy and a few others

I love a good movie breakdown. Ive been watching this nonstop for about 2 weeks now. Watching for small gems and new epiphanies that may arise. I'll do that from time to time. So currently I'm watching... Tron: Legacy Green Eggs and Ham Dinosaur

All for different reasons but perhaps there's a common theme in all of them that my spirit is clinging to and internalize in hopes of a bigger revelation. I believe Tron: Legacy teaches that at a younger period in our lives we have these ideas and formulate our entire life mission... goals and dreams around them only to find in the future that time has taught us the error of our thinking and matured us to have a better perspective. Our ideas, thoughts, goals/dreams should, I believe, be evaluated regularly to make sure they actually make sense in our heads and in reality. Making the necessary changes.

S/O to Daft Punk for this outstanding soundtrack, that's another plus why I keep watching!!!

Green Eggs and Ham warms my heart in so many ways. I'll have to do another post on it but I want to say briefly that it was done exceptionally well. A great adaptation and extension of the well known and loved Dr. Seuss book. The character development is by far the best and you feel for every character and understand their story no matter how long or short their screentime is. I watch it over and over and focus on different characters each go round. For example sometimes I pay attention soley to Sam I Am to hone in on his positive outlook in life despite his own internal struggles of loss of true family and connection. Or Michellee for her overbearing, overprotective parenting and determining what a good balance would be. Is it right to impress your fears on other people because things didnt work out for your or what?

Lastly Dinosaur, the 2000 film, speaks volumes of wisdom through honoring family, working together, and what it means to have humity and how life can humble you but often, at least for our antagonists' its too late. I am reminded that at the blink of an eye life as we know it can change for forever and our will to survive must be stronger than ever. Our will to survive and our true nature/character will ultimately be tested as the final victor of the fittest im these categories will reign supreme.

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