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Today's Thoughts 7.24.2019

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Building Healthy Relationships

It's always good to have someone to connect to whether it be a friend, family member or a kindred spirit of a stranger. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there who may not think the same like me but still have an interest in who I am as a person and we find joy in each others company.

I work as a certified customer framer in addition to pursuing my passion as an artist. One of my greatest joys has been connecting with the customers here and having those #relationships extend beyond the framing counter.

Where they go after this it's a mystery but I can't wait for the day I can call a friend and say hey I'm in town as I travel out of state and just visit and be in the moment.

In addition I've made some great #connections with my coworkers who turn out to be the coolest people on the planet. You link up with girls and you find you can vent about things that women have in common. Knowing that we're all in different walks in life but it's not in vain and nothing is out of the box weird or random. Bottom line we're not alone.

I enjoy the fellas of the crew too. We can kid and joke around and it just opens my mind up to a different perspective of the world as men often do.

The nature of the job within the frame shop reminds me of a college studio setting where we work pretty freely but on a time crunch. We can critique each other's work and get feedback. A pretty cool environment for someone who's artistic, likes to work with their hands and doesn't mind being in close quarters with others.

The hardest thing for me in building relationships, is when distance or time gets in the way. The bond definitely remains but I wish that I could not work some days and just spend time hanging out ya know?

Building Relationships as An Artist

This is where things get tricky but this is also where my #boundaries get tested a lot! It's a place where I must draw the line between over extending and giving too much. It's a place where I too have to pull back and focus on self which is the hardest thing. Learning when to reach out... respond so that potential fans don't feel slighted or current friends don't feel left out.

In this area I am no expert in and take each day as it comes. There are days I get overwhelmed and try to make sense of mainly why I feel the way I do. We're all human and at least for me I'd like everyone to be happy. But then I found that the most important person who mattered wasn't... me!

So each day I'm working on becoming the best version of myself. Also having to come to terms with the fact that, that best version may not be what everyone likes and that's ok.

It is my hope and prayer that I can maintain and keep moving forward in a positive direction. Perhaps today's thoughts helped someone else know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Final Thoughts

- real #friends matter

- the significant other that's for you will come... they're looking for you too, just stay focused.

More to come in the future everyone have a great day! Hugs.

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