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The Greener Grass

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Outside looking in you would think it's all roses but you don't see the underground work that actually keeps things afloat.

The grass being green is attributed to




Mental Toughness

Self Control.

Not everyone can do what you do. Keep in mind, you were born into this world with a certain set of skills that enable you to operate at optimal level. It's up to you to unlock how to get there. Trials and tribulations will test you and make you sharp as an iron or pure as gold. Your willingness to yield to the process dictates how long it takes for you to get there. And when you do, it starts all over but at a higher degree.

The challenge is not in acquiring the green grass, no. The challenge is in comparing your lot to the next. Some patches of wealth are greater, greener, taller, or have more decor bushes and flowers added to it. Each lot adds to the overall aesthetic. Versatility makes the world go round.

Having respect for someone's "lot" shows that you are humbled and not offended by someone possibly being better or different from you.

I keep in mind that I don't know everything and there's always room to grow.


In other news...

Myself (Tiffany Jaye), 646 Entertainment Group and the Fleet DJs are hosting a campaign.

My latest single Callin Me it hitting the R&B / Soul charts on Amazon.

Day 1 Amazon Rank #3 Best Seller in Soul.

Please help support me by downloading - it's only $0.99

Day 2 Amazon Rank #12 Best Seller in R&B.

I have a video I'm going to be putting together soon. Looking forward to an amazing 2022.

Day 2 Amazon Rank #6 Best Seller in Soul.

Thank you all for your continued support.

All Things Tiffany Jaye

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