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The Climb

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Continue to climb up the ladder. Life is not a sprint but a marathon that needs to be paced out. The challenge is making the decision to keep climbing period. Not necessarily about how long it takes to get to the top or even if you get to the top.

Keep climbing. Keep getting stronger.

Never look down in fear of falling back to the bottom, even though the higher you go the stronger the gravitational pull. Let that be encouragement to push you further and further.

Success is not based on anyone else's criteria but your own. Find out what that means for you. Dream big but start small.

Some on the outside often ask or allude to a "you should be here" which makes me think based on what? As long as I'm blessed to live each day I will take my daily assignments with joy and complete them in the satisfaction that I get to do it again.

Life is more about the experience than trying to figure out if you did life right. Just live and learn as you go.

Let's say 1 thru 100 each step on the ladder is like a page in a book. Some of you all entered on page 80 while others have read the entire book from page 1 and have seen the transformation. Regardless of the page you started reading the story of my life, know I'm not putting any set limits on it. I am super excited that you are now partaking in my story/journey and I'm going to make sure it's a great one!!! The day the ladder ends or the book is finished is the day "it's is finished" but until then let's HAVE A BLAST!


Who Am I? Tiffany Jaye - Singer / Songwriter / Dancer / Artist

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