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Still Healing

Last November 11, 2020 I had surgery to remove uterine fibroids (1.5lbs - qty 16 - equivalent to 5 month pregnancy) and honestly it was the most care free moment I had in my entire life. No pressure, no anxiety. I had done my research, prayed over the staff involved and my LOA was set. I realized the literal/ figurative meaning of letting go and trusting God that all will be alright and all was well with my soul if I wasn't to return. ••• Now that I'm back I put in certain practices to maintain physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health. The one I'm having the most challenge with is anxiety.

Now as an artist, I'm a student and since age 16 I've been diligently refining the total package of what it means to be an artist. Breath control, stage presence, interviewing skills, studio etiquette etc.

As just a person, I find I still struggle with that element of worry. Now since the surgery I've gotten better and in recent months... or even last week life happens and I'm reminded all the more how to just cast your cares and simply let it go. Tomorrow will always take care of itself when it gets here. Even if it doesn't, live for the moment and don't stress over things that haven't even happened. ••• This picture by Miles Perkins was taken in 2018 when I 1st noticed something was up with my Womanhood. Over the next 2 yrs things grew increasingly and montly cycles became overwhelming unbearable. I found out the exact culprit on my bday in 2020 and then began my quest for healing. ••• Immediately coming to from surgery I could tell the large mass in my abdomen was gone. I was elated inside even though I was extremely nauseous. 1 week turned to 6. 2 months turned to 5... and now 8 months out I'm here still healing physically on the inside as I have some numbness and weird frequent nerve pain.

I'm weight lifting at my pace. I'm drinking more water than I ever have in life. I'm actually putting me 1st.

Living with a discover mindset I want to have peace that surpasses all understanding and the contentment to where you can't tell what "season" I'm in.

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