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Sometimes the storms of life, are more than you bargained for more than you're willing to bare. Sometimes the peace you can't find is a thousand miles away in another time. Sometimes the loves in your life, for the first time don't wanna be on your side. Sometimes you want to cry but that won't solve the issues of your life.

Sometimes there's no way out and you think about the obvious. Who can solve the mystery of life... of life.

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This song represents a time when I was at a low point asking questions trying to make sense of things. When things are good they are great!! But when things are, I don't want to say bad but just difficult it so hard to get rid of that rain cloud hovering over your head. Time is the one factor that we all have to go through to heal. The healing process is crucial to ones survival and ultimate success. Make sure you take the time to reflect and cleanse yourself from guilt, shame and any other negativity lingering in your life.

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