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"Tomorrow will take care of itself when it gets here! Relax … thanks Tiffany J. Taylor!"

- A.P. Sherman

🙏🏽The more you can let go and yes relax the more peace you'll have. No one else is picking up "your" problems. They will be there but even you don't need to stress about it. There are broken, miserable people in the world who just want to transfer their pain so they can feel better about themselves. So I first identify that, THAT stress isn't mine to fix or even care about. But I still handle everyone with grace and compassion. For thats that living sacrifice part that we offer up and how we can show the God to people who've been given the ass of the world to kiss.


When I feel annoyed... I feel it stirring up with a interaction gone wrong... I was clumsy that day or my money was acting funny I simply breathe in the spirit of the living God and remind myself of all the positive things I can do. I pause to truly process my agitation and anxiety and really focus on being a solution not a complainer and ungrateful. Then I breathe out a smile and proceed.


Now all of this takes practice and you have to be aware of yourself, your flaws and be honest in the areas you know you need to improve. Its not going to happen over night. Know you are NEVER alone in your travels on the planet. Im here with you now and always to the ends of the age (as God says). And even I, Tiffany, are here. I understand. 😊🥰😉


To those who matter they don't mind and to those who mind they don't matter.


Stay true to self. Grow daily. Forgive and be kind to yourself.


Show compassion/grace as much as you can for at the appropriate time you will want it to be shown to you.

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