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My Womanhood

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Happy Birthday to ME!!! Yes Feb 13th is that special day that I came to be.

Its the beginning of my new fiscal year and with that comes new goals, themes and a new focus! When I started college I did this thing where I would give each year a theme.

Thrilled to be out of school and under no one else's curriculum I aimlessly pushed through with little to no direction other than what my current job's manifesto was.

After a career change which aided in a vigorous reboot in 2014, I was able to start over and reclaim my focus once again:

2015 Year of Confidence

2016 Year of Time Management

2017 Craftsmanship and the Art of Pacing

2018 Boundaries, Eye Contact & Consistency

2019 Manifest

2020 My Womanhood

My Womanhood calls for a rise in maturity on multiple levels; mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.

I recently finished reading Mandy Hale's "The Single Woman" and here are my favorite quotes:

"The burden you carry gives you the innate ability to help lighten the load for others."

"You darkest most pitch black night allows you to point others to their light."

"People relate to humanity, not perfection. Never doubt your specialness"

"Where your passion and personality intersect = PURPOSE

Often we are the answer to someone's question however some simply go unanswered due to our hesitance and fear of the unknown. One of the things I'm going to more of is make a decision and quick too. I realize I teeter a lot and talk myself out of things that I have a strong desire for. Sometimes it's because I know my focus is out of this world and once I lock in on something there's no turning back. So perhaps it's to stall on going down my own rabbit hole. These are fun though, because you'll look up/back and be miles away from where you started wondering how did you get to present day. All from the intense focus. This is where I aim to be.

I am "walking into my role daily and allowing people to treat me as such. Anything less they do not deserve my attention" for "I am aware that I am surrounded by people who feel they could do the job better. Strong people with powerful characters, more natural leaders, perhaps better-suited to leading from the front, making a mark. But for better or worse the Crown has landed on my head" - Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown (Netflix Series)

My Womanhood is just that, MINE. As I embark on a new year I'm rediscovering and refining things about myself. I know I'll never be perfect but I can still master "being Tiffany". I can be an expert on me!! I want to be more intentional about my day, the master of my fate, and seize each moment. I want to be so comfortable in my own skin that I don't question my own thoughts and actions as if they don't belong in such a place called the present. In doing so I hope this will set me up for my destiny, yet to be truly defined, on track for greatness that would have otherwise been delayed.

I want to work on Creating Magic Every Morning by:

1. Having quiet time for myself

2. Aligning my spirit with the Spirit of God

3. Taking time to focus on my dreams, side hustle, or something cool I've always wanted to do.

4. Complete a workout that helps your energy all day.

5. Learn something new, by reading or meeting up with a mentor.

Fellow Writers/Artists/Creatives... if you need a space to express yourself and would like to blog... post and get it out to your audience let's talk and see how we can use as a platform for your artistry.

A few things I'm excited about and working on:

Werk 4 It Continues to Trend on Youtube - Coming to a stage near you!!

February Art Feature 1 & 2 confirm your membership and get access to exclusive

Tiffany Jaye Merch/Art!!! You can get your favorite keepsake digitally downloaded or printed on any substrate/surface.

In honor of being black every month lol and highlighting February as Black History Month I'd like to showcase my Tees that are available.

Version 1 is called "Black Girl You Are Magic" $15

Version 2 is called "The Strength of Our Crowns" $25

The previous post displays them here. In addition you can use this same design I have and get them on a pillow, a cup/mug, as a print/framed picture and more. Become a Gold Member to have access to the Merch perks.

Let's go 2020!

Love Tiffany Jaye


Check out my PODCAST - 10mins with Tiffany Jaye

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