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Press Forward

Being the best version of yourself takes work; time and effort. I reflect often, going over decisions I've made knowing they create pivotal moments that shape my reality. The hardest thing to do is to not beat yourself up when you feel you've missed the mark.

The goal may be high and although at times you may not achieve the expected result what you must remember is the attempt is truly all that matters.

To try sets you apart from being indecisive.

To try puts you in position for forward movement.

To try propels your mind to keep thinking of new strategies.

To try dares you to step outside the box once more.

I have tried many times, working on my craft. The one thing I can say is each year I have an upward trend which is all that matters to me. Some say I should've been "here" or "there" having no clue what has happened in between. Having not offered up resources that could put me in the place they envision me in their mind.

What other people think of me is none of my business.

I will continue to press toward the mark. I will continue to stay focused. I will do my best with what I have that's available to me. I pray that what I seek is also looking for me as well on this journey not just in music but in life.

"Be prepared to be who you were created to be. And trust that you'll be given the resources, relationships, opportunities and strength to bring your purpose to fruition. - Carren Smith -

Each day I pray for protection of my mind, body and soul. Now I'll add to it the strength to keep moving forward. In all my years God has definitely provided.

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