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Establishing a legacy can be many things. It can be the generations that come behind you by way of kids. It can be what comes behind you by way of how you bring forth a company or a particular workflow. It could be your contributions to the community. It could be a code that you live by. When asked what is your legacy? What comes to mind? 

When I think about my legacy I think about how I have been put on this earth and assigned to be an inspiration to others. But when God places you in proximity to those that inspire you, it changed the game for the way that I think about myself. Sometimes I feel I'm not doing enough because others who have set a path forth for themselves seem to have been doing more than me. And even though I shouldn't look at it like that I still compare at times. Instead, what I should do is look at it as a foreshadowing of where I could possibly be once I put in the same level of discipline and attention to detail into my craft, my vision or whatever it is I want to accomplish.

I used to think that I was the focused one. I used to think that I was so disciplined until I met someone that was far beyond myself. And so it has me rethinking my entire process of how i've been operating. Am I willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve the goals that I have for myself? If I'm willing, great, but if not, I must accept a level of complacency.

I want to be able to move in such a way that I don't look back because I'm so focused on the present which will lead me into my future. I want to set aside tangible realistic goals.

Today's conversation was about operating at one hundred percent when you are clocked in or scheduled to be on. I want to be able to offer myself as a living sacrifice and put to practice the fruits of the spirit in every interaction that I have. Thus to perpetuate the legacy of Jesus Christ and only taking time to step away to replenish.

I believe I hadn't been in this space since I was in high school and college. That's when I was operating at an extreme high level of discipline and focus mainly because I had structure. As an adult I have structure now but it's based off of what I can create for myself.

As I shift to this new season of my life being a mother of a 1-year-old and possibly looking into a career shift...I look forward to establishing a curriculum for myself to follow and goals to achieve.

My legacy is not only about me but it is about those who have come before me. It's about those who I spend most of my time with. It's about whom I gained my teaching from. It's about what brings me joy. 

I know I could be doing more and I want to make sure that I maximize every gift and ability that has been bestowed upon me. Some people feel if you're not tired you're not doing enough this could be true, and with that statement I intend to push myself but remain balanced.

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