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The Wisdom To Know


My aim is to see many, many years and to be sensitive to those around me.

In life I have made choices due to lack of trust in myself. I want to truly wear my crown of confidence this time around.

My discernment is on point and strong. My focus is on exercising that faith muscle so when obstacles and opportunities come I'm more than equipped to handle them.

The gift of inspiration and the ability to change the atmosphere in the room is often coveted. One must recognize everything comes at a price. A cost that equates to the weight one bares as they carry their torch or baton of liberty and sometimes bondage.

The room(s) you step in.

In the world we live in it can be virtual or IRL. When your name pops up on a screen or in someone's heart what is the notion behind it?

March 31, 2024
March 31, 2024


I dream in color and sound.

I love to share my thoughts.

I know time moves as fast wildfire and at the same time as slow as watching paint dry.

There's no equivalent to experience.



Life will take you on a ride.

Sometimes to the mountain top while other times deep in a valley. Both have their lessons to give.

You keep living you're guaranteed to see a number of these. Trick is to ... simply keep living.

But for some living especially when you're in your valley season can be tough and unbearable. You look around and you see other people in the valley wondering how did they get here too. Or you look around and see no one but yourself.

That is not a reason to give up.

Valleys... like watching paint dry have a way of slowing life all the way down. The source material of your strength is built different. Mountain tops are similar in that regard. It takes a lot to endure to make it to the top. And after you've passed many people along the way... you may find you're by yourself again.

Does this mean we live a mediocre life to have a find balance?

What if on 2 ends of the spectrum you could bend space and time and realize that the peak and valley are one in the same? In order to complete the circle of life you must go through both. One can't exist with the other.

The height of one level is the beginning of another. The ascension or crescendo of life once you get the hang of it is the ultimate exercise!

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