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Focus on You! How Sway?

I am at the center of my nucleus, right? That's how it should be however I'm finding that I'm only the thing that connects everyone in my world and I'm spirally out of control to keep it together. All of my paths that intersect have no idea about the other. I often watch major celebrities, listen to podcast and interviews of high performing individuals and wonder, how are they keeping it together? I believe we have the same workload and definitely the same amount of time in the day so what's up? Well, one thing I know that separates me from those at that level is, they have a team that works for them. Someone who helps handle their schedule, a glam squad, and a CFO to name a few. This staff may be on a payroll where I feel it's out of my league to maintain such a pedigree of team members. That right there is my negative thinking taking the charge. Because even though that's the case I must remember that everyone has to start from somewhere. It begins with surrounding your self around like-minded people who share your same vision and see where they can assist and how it relates to their own hopes and dreams. All of our lives is like a web. They connect so intricately and it is in our best interest to find the ways we link seamlessly.

We are always on the come up. The come up from our latest project or major event we hosted. That sponsorship, commission or contract deal to be the A-lister that we see ourselves as. This creates a lifestyle of constant transition. The entertainment industry is just that. An eb and flow of personalities, gifts, talents, business ventures, galore. As technology enhances so does the ability to create things beyond our wildest dreams. In all of this, I find it difficult and easy at the same time to focus on "me".

I'm told from all legs of my life to "focus on you" and I think "how sway"? How when each person speaking, has their own version of you and agenda that they see your life to end up as. So let's break this down into a day to day walk in the life of Tiffany Jaye on how she wants to focus on herself vs what actually happens and the confusion of how to balance it all.

My very 1st thought just now is, I'm going to map out how I want my life to be. I laugh inside because I think, wow what if this actually happens? So let's begin.

I work as a frame shop manager. I design and assemble pictures/art into frames for people to display in their homes. I would love to have a contract with the company where I'm on call and people can request me personally via appointment to have a consultation. The Tiffany Jaye experience I've heard, is like none other. And then I can clock in for a 4 hour shift and help out with production.


Next this opens up time in my music career to travel for performances, speaking engagements, radio interviews and more. To my music business people you get what all that entails.


Then in my free time I want to come to a studio in my home and create art to sell. In hoping that music will have become the stepping stone that its set up to be, my art in addition to and lyrical content in the form of a book will be up for grabs by art lovers local and abroad.


I want to continue to dance with the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club. Host the Purple Thursday Experiences. So wherever I'm at in the world I can fly back in or zoom in to the experience and still be apart of it weekly.


Lastly I want to have the freedom of time to travel to see friends and family without the stress of missing out on them or a business venture because there's not enough time or money in the pot.


In this universe I believe it gives me the fulfillment I desire and the mental space to handle all the contingencies of life. Currently I'm doing all of this but percentage wise, each area does not get the amount of attention I deem necessary for a fully balanced life (Listed under each scenario is the current percent I'm currently giving it).

At work, I interact on a day to day basis very closely with 2 team members and then at most 10 to 20 of the general public on a great sales day 5 times a week. With roughly 40 to 70 at most 100 orders to complete per week, memorizing about 50 names and the details of those projects each day, my mind can get pretty full. So on this end I have the demand from my customers/corporate/and my mom who wants me to focus on my future career and maintain a sense of stability as I get older.

On the music end each year 646 Entertainment Group expands in music and marketing. This year 2020/21 we've branched out and have been heavily working with the Worldwide Fleet DJs. A coalition that supports each other regionally and abroad. Hosting events and conferences to keep A list and upcoming artists in the mix as well as groom new and refine veteran DJs. What's interesting is my music manager like my mom, wants me to focus on "me" however his tune is geared all towards music. I handle all of my social media platforms and maintain my website. I've connected with people and come up with a creation team for when it's time to launch a full fledge project which we are in the middle of doing with this new single. Up next is a treatment for a video. Studying interviews and looking the part in reference to my brand takes effort and I realize now more than ever, my life will forever be intertwined. I'm always on call as an artist, even when I'm at work. He thinks I'm all over the place. But then in the same breath commends me to keep doing what I'm doing.

It can be very confusing, when from outside looking in people have no idea of the internal turmoil. I believe we are all going through our same version of this type of lifestyle and the difference is in how we're handling it. I've ALWAYS been busy and had a lot to do. From middle school being in clubs, running track, IB program and going to church 3 times out of the week it translates as the same level of commitment I've been giving and most likely will continue to give. I stumbled upon the Brendon Show by Brendon Burchard who is a high performance coach. His 5 to 30min podcasts help me to think outside the box and delay my emotional response which prior to, could be giving the impression that I can't handle all I'm dealing with. We all have grown up from different backgrounds and have had different habits we've inherited and just learned over time good/bad. Now to undo those and create healthy ones can be the biggest challenge yet. Refining boundaries, saying no, putting rest on the calendar, these are all important things that I do believe in the last 3 years I've been doing so much better at. The only person that can see my immediate growth in this areana is my store manager. He sees me on a daily basis and can attest to my progress. However others cannot. Is it because they don't have constant interactions with me thus only recalling who they've known in the past, uninformed that I'm not that individual anymore? Because of this I become VERY defensive, to protect this new person I've come to be. I'm going to therapy next week and would love to have a better approach.

Nevertheless it is not my job to appease the thoughts and options of others. I will focus on self by delaying my emotional response to give me time to process what's being said. Knowing that it is out of love that these individuals pour their very souls into my NOW for a better future.

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