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Callin' Me

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Tiffany Jaye's newest single is available now on all digital platforms!

Enjoy this new single! - Download here!

Callin' Me is Inspired by true events of a situationship gone totally wrong. Not by my efforts but because my counterpart had the audacity to push all the wrong buttons and still called me for help, money, and love when I was 1st promised the world. It's all good though. In then end we learned the power of setting boundaries and the ability to ignore the urge to go back to recklessness.

Be sure to download from my site to get the exclusive digital booklet I put together for you all! So happy to continue doing music and expressing myself in this way!!


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For More Content check out my podcast "10mins With Tiffany Jaye" listen there or wherever you get your podcasts: Spotify, apple podcasts, anchor, google podcast for example.

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