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May "Flowers"

Life has been great!!!!

Where to begin?

I met with my good friend Jewel for lunch and she introduced me to this awesome restaurant "Flowerchild" and amazing health conscious spot towards Southend off Camden Rd by South Tryon in Charlotte, NC. So far I've only tried one dish, Organic Kale Salad. It comes with pink grapefruit (although I do without it), organic apple, black currant, smoked almond, white cheddar, apple cider vinaigrette. I add salon for my protein then for my side I grab yuzu grilled asparagus mixed with charred onion, savoy cabbage and golden miso. Boy oh boy this is heaven and I just melt every time I indulge. Funny, I haven't been calling the restaurant it's proper name and I would text Jewel and say "what's the name of that spot?, Flower Kitchen????" and we'd laugh at how I'm butchering the name of the place lol.

Ok let's see what else... my sister got married!!!!!! I'm like wow! She's more grown than me lol. Nah I'm still the oldest but it's just a joy to see her flourish as a mother and now wife. You sit back and watch someone grow up and I can only continue to wish the best. I'm thankful for how my family is coming together for each other. Since our move from NY we've spread out only to come back closer than ever here in Charlotte.

Life has been great!!!!


Side note... people who have been here or born in Charlotte always want to leave. I don't mind staying and letting this be a permanent place of residence. I guess when you've lived in a larger city you don't feel like you're missing out on anything. I understand for a creative such as myself there are more opportunities readily available but even still in my current state I'm quite busy and I find Charlotte gives me a full plate of activities. Or should I say my Tiffany Jaye schedule provides a full plate.

What's up next? Well, we've got the Year of the Monster Tour 3 and ya girl is gonna be on the last 3 dates of the tour!!!!!!! I'm excited to be with the team again, 646 Entertainment Group! We show up and show out every time we hit the stage. Shout out to O.G. Neil, DJ Spins, Lolo, FR Shawty and Ottobrim!!! These guys hold me down and I'm so proud to be the leading lady.

I recently bought two art design shirts off my site, yes this site you're reading . If they come in time I would love to debut them on stage for the tour, otherwise I'll showcase in a nice photoshoot and post online. The goal is finding ways to be the bring all the way around. Learning my color pallet, clothes that fit my frame and accentuate my figure. Speaking of figure lol sometimes I pretend I'm that chick and I take a walk out on the town in my booty shorts LOLOL. Unashamed I flex the work that I've put in via squats and see what type of feedback I get. With this approached I was introduced to the @madmilesrunclub and I also had about an hour conversation with a gentleman that convinced me to join a gym. So I have a planet fitness membership!!! It's simple, it's fun and it's new!!!! I think that's my favorite thing about it. I get to dive in an unfamiliar space like when I first joined Purple Charlotte Steppers Club.

Even though the activity may be familiar, throwing yourself in a different environment makes it all uncharted territory.

Upcoming events in the Dance World - Purple Charlotte Steppers Club

Coming to dance each Thursday has been a great joy of mine and no matter how tough my day has been, I make sure I get to Purple Thursday Experience. We are just now getting started with all the festivities so be sure to follow us on all social media platforms @purplecharlottesteppersclub (website link & activities previously mentioned).

Psst... I will be competing this year!


On the 1st and 3rd Saturday's of the month I assist with @cltdoubledutchaerobics with my Soror Alex!!! This gives me great joy. I learned double dutch in church with a member who was apart of a World Championship Team and her teachings always stuck with me. So when Alex started her classes I was so ecstatic to join. Perhaps sometime in the future, I'll go through the certification process to be able to teach myself but for now I enjoy assisting.

So I've been dabbling in creating covers. In my mind I'm Chris Brown, Ciara, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Boyz II Men, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and anyone else I'm feeling at the moment.

So I started off with Fine China because the record instrumental is E V E R Y T H I N G!!! I get a little self conscious because my main challenge or criticism is the production. To make sure it wasn't my writing (which sometimes it can be but I'm still refining) I wrote to this song to see how it would turn out. Take a listen to this snippet and tell me what you think.


I also recently went to Pittsburgh, PA for the 1st time. I sang at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater for the 1st Annual "Don't be Afraid, Be Aware" Anti-domestic Violence Consortium. I had a blast and that's an understatement. Check out my live performance here:

Lastly, I think lol I've always been a fan of watches and the art that goes into them. So I'm declaring I want to collect watches. For style and appreciation. 3 years ago I got into perfumes and really dove into entering a room and letting your presence speak before you do. Now I want to do it with the type of watch I choose to wear. I believe it can get you into some great conversations that may open unexpected doors. Today 5.20.22 I got my 1st compliment on my new watch I bought. It was by a man and it confirmed the exact reaction I was looking for. I admire how men use their time piece as form of jewelry.

Poor people are silent, Rich people talk loud & Wealthy people whisper.

I feel like a good watch is a whisper.

My latest podcast episodes propose some decent everyday questions I believe we all have. Check them out and I hope it inspires you.

As you can see May has definitely given it's flowers and the month is still not over!!!! Whew! Thank you for reading and keeping up with me. If you feel this was great like and share with a friend. Subscribe to my site to get front row seats to All Things Tiffany Jaye and request to become a member for cool perks in the future as I get closer and closer to being the best version I can be and offer to you!!!

Much Love

Take Care,

Tiffany Jaye

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