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3% Netflix Series Recap 1

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I'm so excited to have completed this series up to it's current installation. I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on how this show has effected me and how I aim to apply it to my life.

The Process:

1. Is it needed?

2. Is it an illusion? How do we relate it to society today?

3. How do I relate it to music my life now?


1. Everyone can define their process.

- How far (or extreme) you want it to go or not.

- You can't control certain factors like the test that may come your way... but you can control how you will deal with the outcome.

- There are some tests that you think you've passed only to set you up for another challenge, which basically blindsides you, surfacing a vulnerability you didn't think you had.

- What I find that's better in "MY PROCESS" is to actively seek it. It's going to happen one way or another but if I attack it head on, for me, I feel that's better than waiting for it to happen.

1a. I believe it's important to know who the players are in your process.

- Who controls the construct (Altered Carbon plug - recap coming soon)?

- Who to trust?

- What do you stand for?

1b. Each day is a bran new day. Thankfully we can take what we've learned and apply it overtime. Each test in the process is that "single" moment that matters where you can make a difference.

2. When you don't feed yourself the lie you're able to view your reality for what it actually is... and who people actually are.

Maybe he'll go, maybe he'll stay...
she doesn't know, there's no way.
For the two of them to come

I wrote this musical segment because what often times sucks within a relationship is (whether you in a commitment or not)... at any given point in time, someone can change their mind, especially when new information has been received/added/presented to the equation.

Feeding yourself the lie and relying on you emotions vs laying out the facts and lining them up with your standards.

3. How does this relate to my music?

Every step of the process is necessary (experience, writing, recording, visualizing, performing, photos, marketing etc).

The concept in the series 3% is if you're worthy and show merit you will go to the offshore. In our capitalist society this is true.

The hardest part of the process is TIME and Dealing with Pain.

Time has been constant and it's only the intensity of our emotions that change, making it seem impossible or incomprehensible to handle the pain.

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