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SXSW 2022

A reflection of what it means to be an Artist

SXSW Music and Film Festival 2022 Austin, Texas, USA is an event that brings creators together from across the globe. My team 646 Entertainment Group consists of various artists including myself: Tiffany Jaye, Lolo, FR Shawty, Otto along with Management O.G. Neil and Matt, who flew down from our respective places and did what we do best. We showed up and performed. SXSW has the aura of a homecoming for artists of all kinds. A meeting ground where the up and coming can execute everything they’ve learned over the past year. With opportunities to partake in media runs, perform on major sound stages, bars, and meeting with producers, singers, rappers, videographers, podcasters, bloggers, hosts of all kinds, it’s the perfect one stop shop.

Tiffany Jaye & @jesikarabbit

The lifestyle of an artist is an unconventional one. I know for me I’m one who juggles a 9 to 5 along with a handful of gifts and talents that don’t always favor having free time. My tenure consists of working in this business as an independent now, coming up to 20 years with a majority of those years being in the developmental stages and before social media. Now that I’m grown with a lot more maturity, I can level out and create with more mental stability, knowing what I want for myself as a person and how that reflects into my art. As a singer I try to stay healthy by working out weekly, having a decent diet and drinking plenty of water. I feel this prepares me to be the best version of myself on the stage.

Tiffany Jaye | SXSW 2022 Austin, TX

To be a female in the industry you have to be very sure of yourself. Authenticity comes from self awareness, reflection and to be honest more trials and tribulations. It’s best to surround yourself with those whom you can trust and have your best interests at heart. Those individuals also need to be of a similar or higher caliber within your profession. The more you ascend the more opinions tend to land in your ear and you must decipher how to navigate the knowledge or noise.

Everything in this business is connected just like in life. It’s built on the strength of relationships and how well you take care of them. Bridges are a figure of speech we often use when describing the link between two or more people. SXSW is something anyone can attend but to perform it takes that bridge to be nurtured and crossed over many times. Since my meeting with A&R Vice President “Success” of Atlantic Records in 2018 my career has taken a 180 transformation. My opportunities as an artist were to focus on a singular project and build my marketing around that in hopes to return someday with a deal. Raw talent and work ethic is what has taken me to this point and I believe now expertise and fine tuning will propel me even further. So I’ve linked with a few heavy hitters that have groomed and polished my art creating Werk 4 It, Say That You Want Me and Callin’ Me under Tiffany Jaye which I got to perform at SXSW this March.

Captured by @imtaythashoota

I’m still learning to use and perfect all the tools to my advantage. Social media for instance gives us a bit more of an intimate perspective of the stars we admire and love. It’s definitely changed the game with how you can reach people across the world in seconds with your content and stay connected with people that you meet at events such as SXSW. It’s my main outlet used to express and showcase the ongoing transformation, evolution and elevation of my artistry.

I’m sure people wonder about the life “you” live but would think twice once they found out everything that goes on behind the scenes.

The stage is a place where I can completely let go. It’s the first performance that you have to get those first jitters out the way for. This first spot we performed at I had to create a green room in my mind and find a somewhat quiet place to relax in. The sound for those with sensitive ears was piercing, so I ventured to the back of the club and just remained calm and still. Once it was my turn it’s like a bow and arrow that’s released and I shot straight into the audience and mesmerized the crowd in their tracks. The same occurs for the two other performances, myself and the team blazed the stage each time.

Early mornings and late nights but what about everything in between? TSA, long flights, rental cars, hotel check ins, where and what are we going to eat, where’s the venue, what time do we have to get up, critiques on the car ride there and the car ride back, interviews, lights, camera, action, music, base, smoke filled rooms, alcohol, dirty restrooms, flyers, banners, eye lashes, baggy pants, I could go on and on lol. Just imagine that on steroids is the whirlwind of what one encounters on trips such as these. The photos on social media give you the highlight but the living in it and enduring through it makes you stronger. Especially from the view point of being in the minority on more than one occasion when you perform.

It can be nerve wracking being the only female to perform R&B in a room with a bunch of guys doing Hip Hop. I remind myself that I am the unicorn in this situation that offers something different from the norm. A refreshing sound with a gentle, warm and inviting approach that turns to a fierce, exhilarating performance is what Yours Truly put on all three times she performed.

Captured by @sanga_song_for_pain

I am honored and blessed each time to have graced the stage and I want to say it was a pleasure connecting with those who enjoyed my performance. May we keep in touch and may those reading be inspired to stay the course and put forth the effort needed to make your vision come to pass.

All Things Tiffany Jaye

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