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So We Just Met in Custom Framing

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Hello Friend!!!

What are the chances we just met and hit it off very well at the framing counter!! I want to say it was a joy spending time with you.

As a certified custom "personal designer" framer I help individuals like you connect with the utmost appreciation of art that you bring to have professionally framed.

One of my goals is to create a museum of a body of work that I can have framed for myself someday.


So whats going on with me when I'm not framing?


I sing!! As an artist of 646 Entertainment Group I've performed at a plethora of venues local and abroad - Bio

I participate as a guest on the No Gossip Just Talk Podcast which has inspired my to create my very own podcast.

I'm a two time 1st place Winner 🏆 of the Titans of the Dance Floor Competition with the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club.

My music catalog can be found on all your major digital platforms for an easy find let's start here.

Thank you for taking the time to read, watch and listen! It means a lot. We'll catch up soon. Follow my blog to stay in touch or check me out on any of my social media platforms. Take care and be blessed!!


If you're a fellow artist and want to forever capture your work: an album/book cover, a magazine feature, family memories, a vision board an acceptance letter the ideas are endless of what we could frame together! Let me help you realize your dream!


Who Am I? Tiffany Jaye - Singer / Songwriter / Dancer / Artist

Follow me on Social Media @tjayetaylor

Check out my PODCAST - 10mins with Tiffany Jaye

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