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2021 3rd Quarter Update

6am, December 7, 2021

We are in mid-peek season at my 9 to 5: Michaels. As you all know I do custom framing also known as a Personal Designer. I spend very early mornings and late evenings prepping projects for individuals and families getting ready for the holidays.

So far the second half of 2021 has been out of this world amazing.

To begin I've recently moved and I'm in the process of creating a new routine for myself. I hadn't adjust well at first and had a few mishaps (lost/stolen wallet & hacked instagram account). A majority of my items have been replaced but I'm still rebuilding.

[FYI tjayetaylor - is discontinued - @tjayetaylorrrr and are official fan pages. I do not have access to them anymore so if you choose to still follow that's fine but I am not behind those accounts anymore. If you receive a message from them about bitcoin that is NOT me.]

All Things Tiffany Jaye now lives @mstiffanyjaye - pretty much everywhere. It's simplified and caters more to my artist name.

Tiffany Jaye |

I've also updated my home page to help new and current fans/members better understand my creative flow. I have four disciplines I focus on: Music, Art, Dance, and my Podcast.

The latest single is "Callin Me"

On my podcast - 10mins with Tiffany Jaye - I'm focusing on personal growth.

E83 Discipline Pt2 - Creating the Content

E82 Baby Coco Pt2

E81 What's Your Influence?

E80 Prioritizing Yourself is Key

You can listen to my podcast directly from my site or wherever you usually stream: iheartradio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Reason,, and many more.


Nov. 13 & 20 | Purple Charlotte Steppers Club participated in the Christmas Show at the Park Expo in Charlotte, NC.

Bad B*tch | newest single from my labelmate Lil Baee

December 9th thru 12th | 646 Entertainment Group will be in Dallas, TX with the Texas Fleet DJ Conference. Various artists, myself included will perform and participate in fundraising events.

December 30th thru Jan 3rd | Purple Charlotte Steppers Club will be in Houston, TX for - International Swing Dance Championship. Myself, Tiffany Jaye and Herschel KG will be your hosts for the entire event in addition we'll be performing with PAPE: Purple Artistic Performance Ensemble.


I'm working diligently to create new content that you can partake in and have a piece of your own like a keepsake. This includes my music as well as my visual art as art or as an everyday household item.

I'm in the process of purchasing a few items and having them in the background of my videos/stories on IG/FB so you can see the functionality of a selected piece. I will start taking commissions again soon. All proceeds of "All Things Tiffany Jaye" purchased directly from my site go back into the business to give continue to give you great content.

Thank you new and current members of the site.

Member Shout Out - J. Bivens!!! You are the MVP of the Year!!!

From pop ups at Cereon's Album Release Party [N.E.B.U.L.A.] to being the 1st follower on my new IG right after the hack you definitely have been a great support!!!

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