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Pollynation Apothecary

I want to take a moment and highlight a black owned business I support. A fellow Soror and amazing friend, the CEO of Pollynation Apothecary, Carli Abram. I met her around 3 years ago and her aura was just magnificent. She came to Michaels to get something framed as she was redecorating and I couldn't help but ask what heavenly aroma she was wearing. At the time she was in the beginning stages of what is now known as the Auric Essence which feels like, in my opinion, you're drenched in God's presence Himself. Smells have a special place in my heart and she invited me to help out with trial runs in getting the formula just right to what you can now, truly perfected, purchase today!

In addition she is the guru in aromatherapy and hair care!! Her products are natural and very easy to use, penetrating my hair follicles and scalp promoting hair growth and confidence each and everyday.

Take a moment to explore her site and be amazed by what you find. It doesn't matter the texture of your hair. Her products work on all types.


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