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Sometimes it's good to sit and be still with yourself. Learn your strengths and weakness. Your beauty marks and flaws. Your quirks and all. In that comes the most beautiful thing ever... self acceptance. Truly knowing and receiving that you are THE most precious commodity, one of a kind. There's no one like you period and there never will be!!! That my friend is a great gift.

Tiffany Jaye: Self Love

As you grow and evolve you fine tune yourself and through self expression and how you love you... people will see and learn this is a person that's come a long way. You respect the growth, the mindset, the focus.

Be not discouraged when you're growing, for this too shall pass and you'll look back a second from now and remember when you didn't know better and now you do. 🙌🏾 - Tiffany Jaye #mstiffanyjaye #tiffanyjaye

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