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No Gossip-Just Talk Podcast

No Gossip-Just Talk is a podcast for you. A group of individuals who gather and discuss topics that make you think. It reminds me of meeting at someone's house for a kickback and after a few snacks and drinks someone says "hey, what do y'all think about said topic" and that's how it all begins. Just as the platform suggests it's not a gossip podcast talking about the latest events but more so gives insight to the minds of the hosts and guest on the particular subject. I've had the joy of being a special guest a few times and look forward to this upcoming topic about "Why Men & Women with Rings Appear More Attractive?" and "What is the criteria of a High Value Man/Woman?" So ready to get into it with Metra and Ms Tenisha on this one. Tune in for this discussion and so much more. No Gossip-Just Talk.


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