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Nektar Juice Bar

Welp ladies and gentlemen, one of my favorite spots will be closing soon. The Charlotte locations of Nektar Juice Bar last day will be October 30th. A sad sad day for us smoothie and fruit bowl lovers. I know I know some of you are saying, "but you can make this yourself at home!" Yes, I'm sure we could, but in my case/defense I enjoyed the ability to schedule my morning meal, pick it up right before work, eat it during my 35-40min drive and feel fresh and ready for the day.

I could mix things up depending on my mood. An Acai Banana Berry, Acai Mango or Acai Superfood bowl. These were my favorites!!! The superfood bowl has so many delicious beneficial ingredients that pack vitamins and minerals such as bee pollen that I wouldn't naturally consume in a traditional eggs, bacon, grits and pancake meal.

The staff there is outstanding and with me being a frequent customer its nice to see a familiar face every now and then and be considered family. I will cherish these last two weeks and begin to commit the ingredients to memory as I will so my best to duplicate all three bowls to perfection.

I'm really curious to see if I can attempt the same level of presentation. That alone makes food so much more enticing.

SN: As you can clearly see I am a foodie and the total experience means everything to me.

So Trader Joe's it will be. Stepping into new territory as I recreate my own juice bar at home!


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