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Avocado Toast, Not Just Coffee 

One of my favorite spots in Charlotte. A quaint spot in the Dilworth Area, Not Just Coffee offers an urban gourmet element to your experience and meal.

In spots like this I love to read and have some quiet time to myself as it brings a stillness to an ever so chaotic world.

I fed myself literally and figuratively reading and gaining more clarity on that famous verse in Proverbs that guides us to guard our hearts.

Ch 4; v.23

Above everything else, guard the affections of your heart; the emotional attachments you make determine the course of your life. - Clear Word

Be careful who you allow into the innermost parts of your heart. Dont grant people access who aren't supposed to be there. No matter how small the decision, their influence will have an effect. The tug may be small but nonetheless an effect that otherwise wouldn't have been there hence a particular connection.

Perhaps now I understand why some individuals choose to not make an emotional connection thus to not allow another's very essence to effect how they move and operate in the world.

Choose wisely who you let in and keep all who dont deserve the affections of your heart out.

Who deserves your heart?

Who has your heart but takes it for granted?

Do you even show compassion towards yourself?

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