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It's always in the eyes. They never lie. People who don't know you often pay attention to your smile. They think wow she's pleasant. Wow she's amazing. The people who know you pay attention to your eyes and if they're smiling. That's the true nature/essence of how one's soul is doing. I say give it time and all will be well. Give it time, the healing is happening right underneath even when you don't notice it. ••• I'm reminded (just now) to think of my surgery and how I am still healing now. It's only been 8 months. I still have some numbness at the incision site, things still itch from time to time, and if I get hit hard enough, I'll still have to brace for, it will be sore. ••• My body was opened up to remove foreign objects that came from who knows... stress...bad eating... emotional turmoil? My body now free of it and is on a healing journey. Amazing thing is, it knows exactly what to do. It's going to take some time yes but it knows how to heal. •••

As far as my mental/emotional state I must look at it the same way. Am I numb in some areas? Yes. Do I itch? Lol well if pricked ill be agitated on the subject and if im heavily reminded of why this door had to close I will definitely be sore for a while. ••• It's all apart of the process. Just like my body physically knows what to do... so does my heart/mind. I just need to trust the process. Each day is going to be better than the day before. I'll look back at the physical scar I have and tell myself see you'll be okay. 😊

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