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Say That You Want Me

Ever have a run in with someone that caused you to think about them over and over and over again... we'll this song... "Say That You Want Me" embodies just that. Chill Vibes... "It's funny running into you... 'member last time".

Comin' off this high, thinkin bout you can't wait til next time...

Shot by: @toryrobinsphotography

Hair done with @pollynationapothecary products

Artist Development: @646entertainmentgroup

"Respond to every call that excites your spirit!" // Life is full of suprises, embrace them! Hey fam, so I hope you're enjoying my music and my podcast. This year is nothing like we expected but through it all we are able to continue to make something out of nothing. I have learned so much about myself - it's crazy you think you know yourself and then BOOM life happens and it's as if you have to start all over again, ahh the joys. Well let's all keep pushing.

"Say That You Want Me" - Available on Digital Platforms! 8.23.2020


Who Am I? Tiffany Jaye - Singer / Songwriter / Dancer / Artist

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