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March - April 2020

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So many things have occurred and have thrown this year into a frenzy, where to begin.

I hope and pray that everyone has been safe during this time. Whether you're an essential worker or not we ALL can do our part to help bring this pandemic to an end. Keep your loved ones in mind and allow your spirit to lead/guide you to how you should use this time to replenish and be of assistance.



So March 18th through 22nd my 646 Entertainment Group team and I were scheduled to be in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Music Festival. It would have been my first appearance/performance on this grand stage where many have graced and showcased their talent to be discovered by all. I was looking forward to performing my lastest single "Werk 4 It" and hope to gain new fans. For now I place my attention to building my online audience.

Hardest part for me has always been my consistency. I have been blessed to meet some extraordinary women who I'm calling them my accountability partners in life. We have kindred spirits and similar goals in reference to building our own brands. Together we aim to be each others cheerleader which helps lessen the load and gives a sense of comfort knowing "I'm not the only one on this journey".

If you need extra encouragement and would like to become an accountability partner let me know. Subscribe and become a member and we'll start to get on track with whatever project you'd like to complete. Remember its to give you an opportunity to connect, grow and not do it alone.

What I'm watching

Two worth watching are "Altered Carbon" and "3%". Phenomenal!

Here's a recap of 3% watch after you've seen the series in its entirety.

Tiffany Jaye's 3% Netflix Series Recap 1

Another amazing movie is "The Platform". This thriller explores in a very unique way the depiction of the have's and have not's. Definitely a great watch that will have you on the edge of your seat upom each new level the main character wakes up on.


Personal Thoughts and Room for Growth

My blog is like my personal letter to all of my friends and fans whom I'm unable to reach on an individual basis but have each and every one of you in my mind. I pray that each time I reach out by way of this that you know I am speaking to you. You are my joy and my tribe!

- Be intentional about your anointing and your ministry.

- Pray each and every morning about your assignment/mission for the day.

I believe God is calling me to lead or inspire a peculiar tribe of people. Ive been able to connect.. like truly connect with people from all walks of life. So I'll ask through my

- Music

- Dance

- Artwork

- Custom framing

- Conversation

I'm able to heal and give hope to the wounded believer. To inspire to encourage others to be their best selves.


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