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So I often look in the mirror and ask, Who are you? What do you represent? Where will you be in "x" years? How's your adulting thus far?

More and more each day, yes it's good to self reflect, but when you live intentionally I discover all of those questions get answered when you just keep living. I'm honored, blessed and privileged to be alive. To be in the skin I'm in. I thank God each day for His favor over my life. The abilities He's given me. Like a unique set of gifts just for me. Specially packaged for a particular purpose.

I used to be terrified of social media and posting so I would hide as I did in real life. I found I kept my gifts exclusive to those closes to me.

The last year and a half of life has shown me so much about 1. Listening to your body and what it needs 2. Being present (and not so much in your head) 3. Posting & sharing more bc it brightens someone's day 4. You never know who's watching so always stay in character (in the spirit vs flesh) 5. Taking life one moment at a time.

God is good always. Thank you for my family (the ppl I came into this world with), my work fam ymca/michaels, dance fam, 646ent fam, fleetdj fam, my friends that extend across the globe, my fans that support my craft... to any and everyone I've crossed paths with🥰. Thank you!!!

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