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Today's Number 3s: Zone, Fun and Dream

Updated: May 12, 2020

Be okay with being outside of your comfort zone. As long as you maintain your boundaries it will not hurt you but stretch you to learn something new about yourself. Don't shy away. A part of not being intimidated is to step up to whatever you feel is holding you back from where you want go or who you want to interact with.

Who you are isn't for everyone. Don't try to force people to commit to who you are. In this process you'll end up changing to please them. Then you'll find its a conditional relationship that leaves you short changed.

Have fun and be in the moment. Sometimes I don't give myself permission to do just that. I don't know why. The minute I started thought... and realized how much fun FUN could actually be when you forget about all of the worries.

So today I'm going to do just that:

"I give myself permission to not focus on my responsibilities as an adult from 3p until the next day. It's okay to smile, it's okay to laugh, its okay to, "ask the sun to shine away so you can cry" "- Neyo; kind of day.

This part is about emotional well-being, pouring back into you. There are no deadlines and no agendas unless it's about planning what you want eat or watch LOL.

Lastly today I am going to daydream, yes on purpose. It may seem silly but I want to step outside of reality and create a world of my own. If I like what I've come up with I might jot a few things down for future reference. Put the entire excerpt in my calendar as a note to self maybe 3 months down the line, just as a reminder or encouragement to see if I still feel the same way about my dream. Perhaps wanting to act on it or congratulate myself for efforts made up to this point due to already acting on it.

All of this takes courage. Like some serious courage because it's all daunting. But I feel if I take a moment to do this on a consistent basis I won't have such a backlog of tension and can be of better service to myself and others around.

Thank you Angele, Jewel, Ebrons, Cioce, Chamber of Secrets, 646 Entertainment, PCSC and others where we have our intimate conversations about the inner workings of my mind. I couldn't do it without you!!!



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