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The Platform NC (theplatformseries)

I have had the pleasure of attending 2 and looking forward to my third outing to #theplatformseries with @theplatformnc.

"Every 2nd Tuesday, The Platform Music + Culture Series welcomes artists, musicians, producers, songwriters, aspiring artist managers, booking agents, publicists, brand managers, visual artists, videographers/photographers, bloggers, music journalists, and other creatives."

Located in Charlotte, NC the Platform is expanding and taking on a life of its own as locals network and extend their net worth across the city. I have recently and will continue to invite others as I have found this to be a great resource for meeting other creatives like myself as well as learn more about my industry and all it has to offer. The panel of experts whether it be in their field or because they have "a seat at the table" on major topics revolving around the expansion of music & art in the Charlotte area allow me to be a student once more as I eagerly take notes for such a time I may need to recall upon them for my benefit or to help someone else.

The Platform NC provides a safe space for growth and I look forward to what this year will bring.

Honorable mention:

@miilosart @miilo18- “Driven by the desire to communicate & the desire to hide" this extraordinary artist uses her art to capture emotion like non other.

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