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The Answer No

The answer no is a redirection.

The answer no is a safeguard.

A premature yes can put you in a space of ill preparedness ultimately not allowing room for the highest achievable result.

The answer no persuades you to reorganize.

The answer no permits you to sit still.

The answer no humbles you, reminding you that you're not superhuman all the time.

The answer no opens you up to be vulnerable.

The answer no allows you to reach out and call on a friend because you are in need. In turn the answer no rekindles relationships that are codependent on each other. Your need fulfills the other but it took for you to reach out in order to gain that revelation.

The answer no brings people together as well as pulls them apart,

The answer no can be a relief as it brings closure.

The answer no reveals how strong you really are.

The answer no often times is looked at as a negative but how can you look at all your no's in life and see where things were actually reversed and it turned out to be the best thing.

Rejection of any kind does not feel good. But it teaches us to look through a different lens. Enjoy the process and eventually soon enough in time everything will be revealed.

The answer no... a blessing in disguise.
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