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Soñai est 2023

I'm grateful to have made a staple or principle in my family.

What is a staple?I feel like a staple is a standard, an example, a status quo that you live by that sets you apart from others.

Standing out going against the grain and doing something different can be scary. You alone get to establish a tone and set a path.

I love the fact that when someone is birth into this world, the name that the child is something to be revered. It's something that everyone is looking forward to hearing, “What's the name of the child?” And when you establish that name it becomes the staple or the standard.

Easter 2024 | Daycare

No matter if it sounds weird, or strange, you stand on what you believe. And I believe in the name that I chose Soñai. 

Soñai means dream, it's an  iteration of the verb soñar in spanish which means to dream. In the Bible, when it says life-and-death is in the power of the tongue you have to watch what you say. I feel that every time we are saying her name, we are establishing and we are saying to dream, or yes it's okay to dream.


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