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Updated: May 12, 2020

What do I like about Ryan Leslie?

I told myself...

If I'm wit a dude and he don't make me feel like his music does then nope... he ain't it.

I would watch R Les' videos and just be like OMG he is so classy and imagine spending a day with him. It would be such an awesome experience.

Everything upscale and top of the line. Not to say that that's everything but there are moments and days I want to escape and that's what his music did for me. It allowed me to wonder what it would be like to be treated like a Queen for 3 to 4 mins per song... and I I go down the rabbit hole of romance I find 45mins later I'm on top of the world feeling untouchable.


How do you stay in this state of mind though?

- Stop with the BULL*HIT!! Stop feeding yourself any bit of nonsense you think is gonna get you what you want or where you wanna go. There are no short cuts, and if you happen you take one, once you get to said destination you will have missed something vital that your process should've taught you.

- Self Love. Everyone is preaching this, Like everyone all day everywhere. But what does it even mean? I tried to watch YouTube videos and scroll on IG seeing people smiling and thinking to myself ok... they must be on top of it. Tried to read through people's stories and still it looks easier... than actually doing it and left with no real definition of what it is for ME. So instead of looking out for answers I decided to look inward.

I asked myself - "When I'm drained what do I do to regroup?" "What do I do to pour back into myself?"

Then I asked myself - "Wait a min, what actually drains me in the first place?"

I feel it's worth it, asking yourself those intrinsic questions. If you don't take a moment to self reflect then what's the point? How will you know if you're growing or not?

MUA -> I started to become my own makeup artist. Now I'm no professional but I'm pretty good at doing my face and having it look top notch (thanks to Beyond the Steps - Teaser Week Team). As I get ready to do anything Beauty Regiment related I 1st make sure I'm in the right state of mind. Lately I've noticed, for me, it's not worth doing anything if you have a nasty attitude or bad thoughts about it. So I give myself a moment to sit and work through my thoughts/emotions bringing them under submission. I create positive mental images as positive reinforcement to encourage me to complete the necessary task at hand. When I do my makeup nowadays I really have to have such an attention to detail like none other. I notice the level of care and I definitely appreciate it when all is said and done.

Side-note: I love watching people write or draw in a journal or sketchbook because it looks so studious or secretive. Like when you read a hardcopy of a book there's so much wealth of knowledge/info hidden... and I often wondered what stories, secrets or tales would be in someone's journal/sketchbook.

- Lastly Fitness... I want to get to a point where it doesn't matter sunshine, rain, sleet or snow I'm doing something to stay physically fit. I don't have much to speak on this because I'm still mastering a level of commitment. Now when I do work out I have a good 30 - 45min session. It may last for 3 days to a week and then I stop. Eventually I want it to be my lifestyle.

A lot of times my normal activities... performing and dancing weekly take care of my physical activity but every winter for about 3 to 6 months I fall off. So outside of my music performances which keep me pretty active I need to have a consistent physical regime.

With my focus this year being My Womanhood, I want to take better care of my body, my hair and my personal living space. I know I'm making some progress and I will not beat myself up about what's not done... only congratulate for how far I've come.


Hopefully this has help you in some way shape or form.

What are some things you find you need additional help on?

What else in your life needs more attention to detail?

What does your positive self talk look/sound like?


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