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No Cap The Label

Updated: Apr 21

"Respond to every call that excites your spirit!"

This year has been phenomenal because I've been doing just that. I've known the CEO and Owner of No Cap The Label for an extensive amount of time and when I saw his brand online I told myself I had to get it!!!! When my spirit keeps tugging at me I know it's time to jump to this opportunity. So I went to my guy's page @_girlslikesterl and then the link in his bio and checked out the gear. First thing that stood out was the two piece suit! Bought it immediately and received within 4 days.

Tried on the outfit immediately and it fit like a glove. Ladies make sure you read the washing instructions to prolong the life of your new gear when you decided to purchase; hand wash cold and hang dry.

I love looking fly and being sexy at the same time and this set does exactly just that. There's more coming from the line in the future so I'll keep my eyes peeled and grab some more gear.

How this shoot came about. I met an amazing gentlemen that is the definition of my opening statement: respond to every call that excites your spirit. G. Moore thank you, you are too kind!

I'm learning to stay away from people that don't have His Spirit. Now I do realize He may call you into some dark places... once I recognize that I ask for strength to be the light that I need to be. I believe God has allowed my fair share in darkness.. and terrible situations with people who just drain your energy. He allowed me to see, live in, and feel all the crap around me. For the longest time I thought all of that was normal, until I started to experience the good. It was like night and day. So now when toxic people or situations pop up I can call them out for what they are and ask them to flee from me. That takes more and more emotional intelligence, maturity and discernment like nothing before. Because it will be a true testament to one's growth.

In life people will come and go but the ones that God has set up for you will remain for forever. Some to teach a lesson, others to pour into and edify you like never before. I've said it to my friends once and I'll say it again. There's nothing like positive reinforcement and how it changes the atmosphere from an environment of fear to one of hope and open mindedness to explore options and possibilities. People who are like that and can create that vibe are who I want to work with now and in the future.

No Cap The Label is an amazing grab Ladies and Fellas, Sterl's got gear for you too... go to his site and grab you some!


Other features:

WaistBead used as my necklace from @perfectbluealchemy & @waistbeadsbybpa

Hair twisted and healthy from @pollynationapothecary


Enjoy and be blessed!

- Tiffany Jaye


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