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Happy Holidays 2021

With the holidays like 1.5 days away it feels good to have just about made it to the end of the year. I can say this year of 35 has been trying with numerous growing pains so I know I'm expecting a birth of something great in 2022. I'll be bringing in the new year with the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club in Houston, TX at the International Swing Dance Championship!!! Costing with Herschel KG I believe the finale of 2021 will end with a bang.

I've decided not to put "hot" Coco to sleep as close family and friends believe that there is still more life in her. Ive purchased her medicine for the next month and a half and we're still figuring out her new preference in food. An official senior dog I'm learning what patience is on a difference level. #Retail patience is one thing but working together with another being that can't speak is magical. You must really know your pet and look deep into their eyes. Pay attention to their body language and what looks normal vs peculiar, keeping in mind that there may be new behaviors due to age. Cognitive functions, mobility and medical health are all things to be on the look out for. For now this Coco is going to continue to awesome quality of life here with us!!!

H A C K E R S - are on the rise!!!

They are swarming the internet and we need to all the more be very vigilant about who's who online.

I want to use my website more as a HUB for All Things Tiffany Jaye so there's no confusion as to who's speaking to you. FYI my social media platforms are as follows:

Instagram (currently 291 and growing):

Facebook (Fan Page 3371 likes / 3507 followers):

Twitter (1610 Followers):

If you receive a DM about a $1000 cash give away it is NOT from me. @tjayetaylorrrr &

are no longer in my possession (since Oct 2021) so I am aware of the hack and I have let those accounts go. Please report, block and unfollow as I do not want them to have anymore ammunition to continue to confuse and destroy the lives of those I've connected with over the years.

How You Can Support? and Why

My goals are to do my 4 Disciplines full-time! > MUSIC - ART - DANCE - PODCAST

Everything is set up for monetization.

If you purchase my MUSIC from this website - I get 100% of the proceeds. Also I can give you a digital booklet download (Callin Me 2021).

If you purchase my ART and listen to my PODCAST all the proceeds pour back into my business to create more content.

Photoshoots, Music, Travel (in its entirety) all have it's expenses. I am still working my 9 to 5 at the frame shop as a custom framer (personal designer) at #michaels #makeithappen.

I've created membership packages - where you can have product as a collectors item and you can also have ad space on the podcast. Even if you want to BLOG I can set that up for you too if you're looking for a platform to build on.

If you want to simply keep up with my journey you can subscribe to emails... blog notifications (see bottom of this page).

A like, a share to others who enjoy content similar as mine and a follow goes a long way in my world.
Thank you in advance.

I am working to find space in my schedule to create more art. I have a great vision and I will soon be unveiling all in my head as time goes on.

My favorite body of work so far is this one:


I want to get her put on a shirt and a bag. I think it would be soooooo dope!!! It's fan art of Rihanna being none other than badgalriri!!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for staying connected this far. It's always been up from here!!!

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