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December 25, 2011

2k11_12.25 | end of the world… or the beginning of a new one My notes of reference: (Phineas & ferb 2nd dimension when the bots are coming into the sky | it marked the time when our world would never be the same). Christmas day I wake up from this: The true believers stood on a beach on the edge of a summer breeze on an old church structure as they watch the demise of their freedom in this world.  We were told to stand still or we’d die but that was just to prevent us from doing anything to stop the matter.  As we stood waves hit the large columns of the structure some people slipped and fell to their deaths, somewhat an easy out but it was too early to escape it all without a fight.  After all the bots had entered the atmosphere we were directed to return to our homes retrieve everything in our possession that we could and bring them back to temple rock.  A limit of two safe trips were allowed depending on how far one stay away from the beach.  The only form of transportation for this was to walk.  Everyone had to be hasty.  Now consider other ppl in the world were oblivious to the intergalactic-al change that had occurred, life was normal for some… people just conformed to the new world order.  Some people who had been warned and but were still on the fence had their eyes open and they too did see the change in the atmosphere.  It was a gift from God as He poured his spirit out on them too for after the true believers would be caught up in the rapture it would be up to those left behind to fight to lose their lives in order to gain it again in eternity. As I traveled back to my apartment I noticed the shift everywhere even in nature.  I was running through a garden in a park on the backside of the buildings that led to a main street in the city.  Wasps during this time of the year should have been gone but had sprung up in an array in the garden… another fear tactic of the enemy to try to deter me one last time.  I was determined to make it home and back to temple rock.  I didn’t know how but I had to before sun down.  My dog coco was also there… the whole time as I run home I’m thinking should I bring her too?  Anyone and anything that was left out of a believer’s possession was liable to be captured and overturned and/or killed.  As I darted and dashed through back-way paths I saw an abandoned area that had flooded due to the city’s rezoning and decision to no longer care for certain areas that weren’t producing enough revenue.  I thought of an old friend who at one point and time she had success at her fingertips but got caught up with the wrong people and then our friendship diminished.  She had gotten into some drug activity, hallucinated and literally got herself stuck in a hole in the ground.  She was never able to get out of that hole and as I ran I thought about how she is still there now under the puddle I had passed.  I thought to myself this stuff is so real.  I make it to my apartment unnoticed grab a few huge bags and my laptop.  I sit and try to shuffle through my clothes to get some major things but not too much for we were on the brink of winter sooner than later.  Coco had just come licked me on my face… I taught her how to keep her barking to a minimum for such a time as this.  That’s when it hit me… I will take her too.  Somehow.  In addition as I took my laptop I saw my cds, my music, my life everything that I had worked for… another fear tactic of the mind.  Would I be willing to leave all of that behind. Sad but bravely yes as I gathered around 50lbs of material coco and I were headed back to temple rock.

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