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Had a conversation about BOSSin up to the occasion.

There's a difference between being in a position of power and actually operating and owning that position. Your whole demeanor/mindset is different.

You demand a certain level of respect and dedication.

You cancel out negativity with positive affirmations and recall on teachable moments to lead and guide you from chaos to calm.

You lead with confidence and handle those around you with compassion.

Your self awareness is on 100%, pride on 20% and humility on 80%. Your ego will not get in the way of a great thing and you are not afraid to admit when you are wrong. If you are in your feelings, take a moment (at the appropriate time) sulk, and then get back in the game. Everything you feel while you work is valid and you should allow yourself time to process all that is happening to you.

Overthinking is allowed in a healthy and safe environment around people who fully accept you and your ways.

Your art is your joy. Your art will make room for you.

Don't be afraid of who you are. Embrace every inch of your essence. There's perfection in the lesson. Life is more about the experience than trying to figure out if you did "it" right.

Live and learn as you go.


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