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Atlantic Records

Lemme explain something. Jeremiah 29:11 is real! From my hotel room # being 646 I knew God had already went before me for this trip!!! I was so concerned with redeeming myself from my last major label meeting with A&M back in 2004 (if you went to HS with me you remember). Talent? GOT IT LOOK? GOT IT PERSONALITY? <<< Nope << There's the opportunity ••• So trust the process. Trust the plan He has for you. The story is still unfolding even today. If He did it before He will do it again. How? Idk but it can happen again!!! ••• I prayed heavily on this trip and had to trust that whatever happens it was going to happen!!!!! It's all apart of the plan. ••• This is still the beginning! Stay upbeat, keep smiling and never give up. Blessing are flowing all over the place, open your eyes and catch them. ••• He knows who he his and I showed this A&R the best version of Tiffany Taylor at the time. But you know what this was before Werk 4 It. If this meeting didn't happen, Tiffany Jaye as you know her now doesn't exist. You must take in your wins as well as your losses. This meeting poked holes in my package. What were the opportunities you might ask? Talent? Nope got that Look? Nope got that Marketing? Ah haaaa we have a winner!!! So we, my 646ENT team and I went back to the drawing board... revamped my entire program... and outta that TIFFANY JAYE was born!!!

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